A personal trainer, also known as an athletic trainer, encourages and motivates clients to look at fitness as a positive element in a healthy life. Trainers are passionate, caring, and responsible. Trainers focus on specific areas of fitness or may take a broad approach to fitness. A personal trainer will:

  • Promote fitness.

  • Foster personal positivity towards exercise.

  • Motivate clients.

  • Demonstrate exercises and routines.

  • Assist clients in exercises to minimize injury.

  • Modify exercises according to clients’ fitness levels.

  • Monitor progress.

  • Provide information on general fitness and health.

  • Help clients reach their goals.

  • Alter programs as necessary.

  • Maintain a safe and secure environment.


Body position is key with most exercises, and in training this is no exception: it is the trainer’s job to monitor you, make sure you’re doing the exercises safely and effectively, and to alter the program as necessary.