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Our Classes

Strength Training

Strength Class guides athletes through a system of barbell exercises. This class is suited for competitive and casual lifters alike. The basic lifts and elements of our strength methodology are the squat, dead-lift, press, bench press, and power clean.  Athletes will be coached through these lifts properly while learning the basics of barbell programing and bio-mechanics movements.  This class is open for members interested in making strength gains under the barbell in a positive environment.


Conditioning Through Kickboxing

Conditioning through Kickboxing, also known as Bag Class, teaches basic, but effective techniques, drilled on the heavy bag to provide athletes with a unique cardiovascular workout while practicing basic striking movements. This workout is appropriate for all member levels and disciplines.


In this class, members will learn the fundamentals of ring sports/ring fighting. This technique-oriented class is tailored to fitness fanatics and fighters alike. Fundamentals include Muay Thai and kickboxing striking and the Muay Thai clinch. This class is open to all members.


Personal Training

Our experienced staff works one-on-one with you. We will establish personal goals and provide necessary motivation, feedback, and accountability to reach your desired level of fitness.

Kombat Submission Wrestling



Muay Thai Advanced

This class is designed for athletes who want to take training to their Muay Thai training to the next level. A competitive based class designed to teach athletes effective Muay Thai techniques and skills in the ring. Six-months experience is required and/or instructor invite.

Muay Thai | Junior Athletes

Upon sign up you'll receive WRAPS, GLOVES, SHINS and a GSA SHIRT.


COST: $160 per month + first month sign up fee ($39.99)

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