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What Makes GrindStone Athletics Different?

Good morning,

I hope you had a great weekend! Over the last couple days, I was really thinking about "What makes GrindStone different?" To be honest, it's not about the facility, the equipment, or even the knowledge about fitness and martial arts we offer. All of those things matter....a lot. But essentially, they're what any good gym or martial arts studio must have. So what makes us different? It's our people, the community. The coaches, instructors, and students are working towards a common goal. They bring out the best in people. They help each other achieve things that most would never be able to do alone. GrindStone Athletics Community gives you: Accountability and Solutions to your problems. The Personal Attention to direct you towards your goals, and the Motivation to keep doing it! The facility, equipment, and knowledge is only about 20% of what matters. What really matters is the 4 items I've outlined above. This is how we help and this is how you reach your goals. The community here can unlock your true potential...potential you maybe didn't even realize that you had.


Tom Lenhart Owner and Head Coach at GrindStone Athletics

P.S. If you sign up in the month of June you will receive 10% off your monthly dues! Also, Don't forget about our FREE trial class for each of our programs, it is a great way to learn more about us and try our programs!

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